There are no set signs of depression in men or women.  Its less-common for men to suffer from depression as much as women, Because of this it can be dangerously under-estimated. A lot of male sufferers tend to see depression as a weakness, Which leads them to deny that they are suffering at all or they try to cover it up sometimes by acting reckless or irrational, obsessively drinking or sometimes even with burst of anger. Although depression in men is a common condition there are still many out there who are suffering alone and going without treatment. That is why understanding the signs of depression in men can work as a stepping stone recovery.



The signs of depression in men

it cannot be stressed enough that even though you or someone you know may not have all the signs of depression you or they could still be suffering from it and if you have any worries or interest do not hesitate to seek professional advice.


  • Physical pain – Headaches, Back pain, Muscle aches or persistent digestive-disorders. Persistent symptoms of pain can be a sign of depression in men especially when the problems are reoccurring and the symptoms are not cured by normal treatment


  • Fatigue/Lack of energy – Feeling tired or have a lack of energy regardless of the amount of sleep, This is a sign that common occurs in both men and women. Sufferers tend to feel tired a lot whether they have had a full nights sleep or not.


  • Anger/Hostility – Being aggressive towards others, feeling suspicious or tend to blame others for problems.  Male sufferers tend to be defensive with depression because of this they tend to be hostile towards others especially if they try to get them to open up as this is a sign of weakness. It doesn’t always lead to physical aggression but a mans attitude can change and they tend to deal with things with more aggression.


  • Reckless Behavior – Obsessive drinking, Compulsive gambling, drug abuse. One of the signs of depression in men is when men start to show reckless or escapist behavior. This goes back onto how men take depression as a weakness because this they try to cover it up with reckless and sometimes questionable behavior to try and fill the void it creates.


  • Sexual Dysfunction – Impotence or erectile dysfunction. This can be one of the more common signs of depression in men. The risk of erectile dysfunction is increased when suffering from depression and men with sexual dysfunction are nearly twice as likely to be suffering from depression. This can also be a side-effect to many anti-depressants which was covered in alternative depression treatments.


  • Suicidal Thoughts/Tendencies – Thoughts about suicide or regular thoughts of death are strong symptom of depression. This can be a dangerous sign of depression with men as a lot of male sufferers do not to like to seek treatment for depression because its as seen as a weakness. This can make depression a silent killer and it is important you seek advice.


  • Disinterest – lack of focus or loss of interest, becoming increasingly apathetic to surroundings. Its one of the more common signs of depression in men or women. Tell-tale signs usually occur when the person tends to suddenly lose interest in activities they used to specifically enjoy.


How to take actionsigns of depression in men

The signs of depression in men can differ from person to person, these should only be used as a guideline to spot depression someone may not have all the signs but can still be suffering. If you or anyone you know are showing any of these signs of depression in men please do not hesitate to seek treatment. Also it is recommended to look into alternative depression treatments as some symptoms of depression can not be cured by pharmaceutical drugs and there are many cases where alternative treatments have helped beat depression. Here at Our Mind And Body we recommend the Destroy Depression system dont forget to check out our review for it here – Destroy Depression


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