There are no set guidelines when it comes to the signs of depression in women or men. Although women are twice as more likely to be suffering from symptoms of depression than men, The causes  and the appearance of the symptoms are usually quite different. There have been many studies into what causes depression in women a lot of which tend to resolve around hormone levels, social pressures and possibly stress. When it comes to it, knowledge of the signs of depression in women can not only help minimize the risk but it can also be a stepping stone for treatment towards depression.



The Signs of depression in women

It is important to remember that you or someone you know, may not have all the signs of depression but could still be a sufferer so if you have any worries do not hesitate to seek professional advice.


  • Disinterest – Loss of interest in normal day activities, lack of focus  and becoming increasingly apathetic to surroundings. This is one of the more common signs of depression in women or men , Tell-tale signs usually occur when the person tends to suddenly lose interest in activities they used to specifically enjoy.


  • Feeling of guilt – When suffering from depression women tend to get overcome with the feeling of guilt. It is common for women to blame themselves about situations that they were not responsible for or situations that were out of control. i.e when there has been the death of a friend or relative.


  • Irregular Appetite – A change of appetite may occur, Over-eating or under-eating this can go either way, some tend to over eat with comfort foods to feel good about themselves. This can be quite unhealthy and evidently do more harm than good. Others tend to lose their appetite  resulting in them skipping meals or not eating for days on end making them become more susceptible to conditions like anorexia or bulimia. This symptom can be quite dangerous for depression suffers as it tends to have a knock-on effect with health conditions causing their outlook to spiral downwards.


  • Mood Swings – One of the more common signs of depression in women. Women tend to experience strong mood swings when suffering from depression, They tend to be a lot more aggressive than normal and can trigger into blistering rage one moment or can also be panic stricken very easily which can lead to things such as anxiety attacks. The cause of this can be a number of things it can be due to hormones, current circumstances or possibly even an allergic reaction.


  • Suicidal Thoughts/Tendencies – Thoughts about suicide or reoccurring  thoughts about death is a strong symptom of depression. This can be one the most dangerous symptoms of depression even if you or the sufferer thinks it’s unlikely that you or they will act on the thoughts. It is important that you seek help immediately if this symptom is present.


  • Fatigue/Lack of energy – Regardless of the amount of sleep they are getting a sufferer can still feel tired and have a lack of energy. This ties in with the disinterest and may be a contributing factor to the symptom.


  • Irregular Sleeping pattern – A change in sleeping pattern may occur, This usual tends to be that sufferers tend to sleep a lot more and not want to get out of bed. However, the opposite can also occur where sufferers cannot sleep and tend to have spells of insomnia.


How to take action  Signs of depression in women

These signs of depression in women are a guideline and just because all of the signs are not apparent it does not mean that you are not suffering from depression. If you yourself or anyone you know is it is important that you seek professional advice to get the right diagnosis and help to find the cause of the symptoms. I also recommend looking into alternative depression treatments as not all causes of depression can be solved by pharmaceutical drugs. There are plenty of books and guides out there written by sufferers themselves who have beat depression using alternative treatments and  they can explain it more detail on the causes of depression and the best ways to combat them.






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