A Step-by-Step system to destroy your depression.

After hearing about there being a book to Destroy Depression I found myself saying treatment for depression can’t possibly be that easy? After years of watching my mother go through depression the struggle of the counselling sessions and the medication you couldn’t easily rid yourself of all that with something as simple as a book.




What did I do about it?

I couldn’t decide whether or not this book would be helpful or do sufferers more damage, I couldn’t stand the idea of someone sitting there selling a book that was making things worse. I decided to buy a copy of the book and decided to go through it with my mother she has long beat her depression so I think she would have great advice on the book itself.



Our findings

It couldn’t have been any better after reading through the book and following the step by step guides to the advice it gives, I couldn’t help but think how this could help so many sufferers out there. As the author went through a battle with depression themselves it really has a personal touch, I still remember my mother saying how she wished she had a copy of that whilst she was going through her battle with depression. It’s like having someone there with you helping you every step of the way.

Not only does the book explain the reasons why your current treatment might not be working. But it also explains alternative methods to Destroy Depression with step by step guides on how to go about the battle. From explaining changes to how our brains think, a guide to exercise, sleep and diet and how all these factor into our mind state when it comes to battling with depression. This book offers alternative treatment and is there to help you and also provides free workshops to help you side by side with changing your diet, the way you think and how changing these things really can have a massive impact on our lives.



My Conclusion

destroy depression cover

To sum the book up I would have to say that it really does have a personal touch that really goes further than say a doctor or a therapist. To any sufferer of depression who isn’t quite happy with the treatment they are receiving or want to explore different treatment then I really do recommend getting a copy. With the help of “Destroy Depression,” you will be able to get back in control of your emotional state and its the best alternative to that so called magic pill that gets rid of depression.