A breakthrough Yoga Program that will help transform your body.

Like many people out there I’ve always thought that I could afford to lose a few pounds. But the problem was I couldn’t manage to find the time or the motivation to spend those grueling hours in the gym. After a few searches i stumbled across Kris Fondran’s ShapeShifter Yoga Program. Now this s a Yoga program that is used to help transform your body without crunches, cardio or ever stepping foot into a gym.


So how does it work?

The Program uses the teachings of yoga to help you exercise in a comfortable environment, To help you relax but also train your flexibility and strengthen you muscles and tendons at the same time. The ShapeShifter Yoga Program helps get you started with yoga straight away. As soon as you enter the program you have a great welcome guide to explain the whole program to you personally. It introduces you to your program material and instructs you how to find all the guides for your positions as well as a video tutorial on the positions it asks you to do. For those of you who feel they are going to be practicing in a more private environment or even with headphones during meditation, You are also provided with the bonus content that has all of this on audio for you as well. After your introduced to your content, The video guide kindly introduces you to the ShapeShifter Yoga community here your shown where to introduce yourself to all the ShapeShifter students as well as ask questions for any support you need from the students or any of the ShapeShifter team.


The First try

Of course like any fitness program out there it doesn’t really make much sense if it doesn’t produce results. With the Shapeshifter yoga program as soon as I started I began to appreciate Yoga for what it really is although I wasn’t putting that much effort into moving the positions were quick to become pretty intense. As expected there were some positions that were quite easy for me to do at my skill level, However there were some positions that at first that seemed near impossible. After my first session was over you can imagine the surprise that was felt when I felt like I had done more than a full workout. Although I felt like my body had done a full workout throughout the whole session I managed to only feel a slight discomfort or stretching and I found the exercise quite relaxing and afterwards felt more energized than ever.


A Few weeks in

With the results I achieved from just one session of doing yoga, I realized that this yoga program could be quite beneficial so I decided to continue on with it for a few weeks. After about three-weeks I already started to notice the results, I felt like I had more energy, the positions I struggled with at the beginning became a lot more easier, I had definitely gotten stronger and my arms and side were noticeably more toned than they used to be and that was after just three-weeks.


Final Thoughts

After weeks of using the ShapeShifter Yoga program I wShapeShifter Yogaas able to see that it can actually deliver the results that it claims to deliver. It also changed my outlook look on Yoga all together and I’ve decided to continue with the program and look into different forms of yoga for exercise. For anyone else who is in a situation similar to the one i was in i would definitely recommend giving the Shapeshifter Yoga program a go you can find it here.